Merton Special Teaching Association

Matt Ball

Headteacher, Bishop Gilpin Primary School




Matt has been headteacher at Bishop Gilpin, an outstanding primary school in Merton, for more than 7 years. Excellent academic standards are achieved by the children of Bishop Gilpin, as a result of high quality learning opportunities rooted in research evidence. For several years Bishop Gilpin has successfully implemented a thinking skills approach (built upon the Growth Mindset research of Carol Dweck) which has had a significant positive impact on the academic, personal and social development of pupils and staff. Wellbeing is central to the ethos of the school and effective strategies have been implemented leading to outstanding staff and pupil morale and the development of a learning community.
Since 2013 Matt has been employed as an Merton Leader of Education. During this time, a range of bespoke leadership support has been provided for schools within Merton (and beyond) either by Matt himself, or utilising the expertise of the Bishop Gilpin staff team.
Support has ranged from coaching and mentoring support for heads and senior leadership teams, to an advisory role in appointment processes (Head and DH positions), to implementation of school-wide assessment systems.
Matt and his team also have experience of leading high quality CPD/training/learning walks for teachers, advisors, lecturers, the London Mayor’s Gold Club, SLT teams and heads.


 Any questions please email or phone 02086489737 (Upper School option)